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Commercial Concrete Leveling in Greater Calgary

Watch to see how PolyLevel® can be used to level all types of commercial slabs.

Concrete is a hard material that does not stretch, making it the perfect surface for areas that traffic heavy items such as driveways, walkways and patios. However, it's inability to stretch and it's thick core causes it to eventually shift.

The soil beneath concrete can sometimes compress, causing the concrete slab to sink and create an uneven surface. The deterioration of the soil doesn't add support for the slab and this is what causes it to crack and bend. 

Foundation Supportworks of Alberta safely repairs uneven concrete with the patented PolyLevel® method. We can lift and level your concrete slab in a quick, durable and cost-effective way throughout the Greater Calgary area.

Concrete leveling makes the surface safe & usable again

Commercial PolyLevel® Install

Major highway repair without stopping traffic. Insulated hoses transport polyurethane resin and catalyst compounds to nozzles that mix the liquids and inject them beneath the settled slab. The rapidly expanding foam quickly permeates loose soil, fills voids, seals crevices and lifts the concrete -without any disruption of traffic. The polyurethane cures quickly after doing its slab-raising work, forming a permanent repair.

Concrete lifting and leveling is a cheaper and safer alternative to demolishing sidewalks, roadways or other concrete areas that have settled. These techniques are less disruptive than total replacement and can be used in these instances:

  • Slab lifting for commercial/industrial buildings.This repair technique is sometimes referred to as "slab jacking." It's used on all types of sunken slabs in commercial and industrial buildings, including factory or warehouse floor slabs. By pumping a special mortar or an expanding foam beneath the slab, enough pressure is created to force the slab upwards. Once the mortar or polymer hardens, the repair is complete.
  • Void-filling. Depending on the technique used, lifting settled or sunken concrete back to its original level can leave an airspace or void beneath the concrete. We often choose to fill this void with concrete or polymer material that can be pumped into the space. Void-filling techniques are also used to fill sinkholes, abandoned mines and open areas around well or tunnel casings.
  • Concrete raising for roads, bridges, highways, railroads & runways. When these concrete elements sink, serious safety hazards occur, so repairs must be made right away. Foundation Supportworks of Alberta often relies on polymer injection or polyurethane concrete lifting to raise sunken concrete roads and runways. The main advantage with this technique is that the injected polymer cures to about 90% of its final strength within an hour after injection, enabling the road or runway to be used quickly.
  • Pressure grouting with urethane. This technique is also referred to as "polymer injection." It can be used for concrete lifting, as well as for void filling applications and for consolidating and strengthening soil prior to construction. The urethane polymer is activated during the application process, turning from a liquid into an expanding foam that flows into voids and pushes sunken concrete upwards.
  • Sidewalk, stoop, & driveway lifting. Mud jacking and polymer injection are two concrete lifting techniques that geotechnical engineers use to repair sunken sidewalks, stoops, and driveways. Both techniques involve injecting material beneath the sunken element to create sufficient pressure for raising the sunken masonry.
  • Rescuing a sinking in-ground pool. The combined weight of concrete and water can sometimes be too much for the underlying soil to bear. When this happens, an in-ground pool can begin to sink down. Foundation Supportworks of Alberta can solve this problem by injecting an expanding polymer compound beneath the pool. The polymer's expanding force can raise up the sunken pool, while also improving the load-bearing qualities of the soil.

PolyLevel® is the new concrete lifting product

Commercial PolyLevel® Install

Big lifting power through small holes. To lift a settled concrete slab with the PolyLevel® process, 5/8-in.-dia. holes are first drilled through the slab. After an injector port is screwed into each hole, a special nozzle mixes two reactive materials and sprays the expanding mixture beneath the slab.

The PolyLevel® System uses a strong, polyurethane mixture of a two part foam that can fill the empty spaces beneath concrete slabs. The two-part urethane foam is injected underneath the sunken concrete to fill any voids between the soil and the concrete slab, lifting the concrete while stabilizing it.

PolyLevel® has distinct advantages over other concrete repair methods like mud jacking because it is lightweight and durable and doesn't require a huge mess. This concrete lifting technique is also way cheaper than laying down new concrete altogether. PolyLevel® is a wise choice because of it's durability and quick effectiveness.

Advantages of the PolyLevel® concrete lifting product:

  • High Capacity - Lifting action is a result of the expansion of the foam allowing lift on much larger loads than typical mud jacking that relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under the slab.

  • Accurate Lift - Reaction time of the foam allows for the most accurate lifts possible.

  • Waterproof - Waterproof material will not wash out, and can be used to under-seal the slab or stop other infrastructure leaks.

  • Non-Invasive - Equipment can be used in tight access areas, is less messy than other methods, and can be done more quickly.

  • Quick Cure Time - Cure time allows for even heavy traffic just 15 minutes after completion of the injection of the material.

PolyLevel® vs. mud jacking

Mud jacking requires the injected mortar to cure before the repaired concrete can be used. This can take up to several days. The polyurethane method of lifting (PolyLevel®) is injected and expands and hardens to its final form within a matter of hours! 

There are also several situations where mud jacking is more of a hassle than a solution because it is temporary and the job can be dangerous if not done by a professional. PolyLevel® can be used for almost any concrete lifting situation, without the risks that mud jacking has.

If you're looking for a quick solution for the sunken concrete near your Greater Calgary home, contact Foundation Supportworks of Alberta today for more information on the benefits of the PolyLevel® injection for concrete lifting and leveling.

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